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Edit audio in Soundation’s online audio editor

Soundation’s audacious browser-based studio is a one-stop shop for mixing and editing audio files effortlessly. The combined tools available make it the best online audio trimmer. Use it to edit music, produce podcasts, and make jingles or background audio for your videos and content. Export a high-quality file when you're done or share it directly with our community!

Trim and cut

Easily drag the edges of a clip to adjust the length or use the scissors tool to splice the audio into different parts.

Fade in and fade out

Once you have your trimmed audio file you can use automation to create fade-ins and fade-outs or adjust the volume of a channel over time. In fact, almost every parameter in the studio can be automated giving you maximum control over your sound.


Combine and blend imported audio files with sounds from our extensive library and recordings made directly in the studio. Adjust the volume and panning of each channel directly or use our impressive range of 16 professional effects to make your audio truly stand out.


Any parameter of the channels and effects can be automated, and doing so is extremely easy. Simply mark a channel and press A on your keyboard to reveal the automation track. From here you can select which parameter you want to animate and draw out automation points.


Our high-quality timestretching algorithm allows you to drag your recorded audio or samples to make it longer/shorter and fit the tempo. This can be done with or without changing the original pitch of the sound using our two stretch tools.

Cloud storage

Import audio from your computer by simply dragging and dropping. All popular audio formats are supported. Uploaded files are magically and automatically stored on your account and can be accessed across different projects. Perhaps best of all - you can edit your projects on any computer, anywhere.

How to edit audio in Soundation

  1. 1
    Open Soundation and create a project.
  2. 2
    Drag and drop an audio file into the studio or record onto an audio channel.
  3. 3
    Select one of the tools to start editing:


Get used to these shortcuts to edit audio really fast:

  • 1 = Cursor tool
  • 2 = Scissors tool
  • 3 = Timestretch tool
  • 4 = Pitch stretch tool
  • Scroll = Navigate vertically
  • Shift + Scroll = Navigate horizontally
  • Ctrl + Scroll = Zoom horizontally
  • Ctrl + Alt + Scroll = Zoom vertically

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