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Any project you make with Soundation can be embedded into a website using a code snippet generated by our share modal. Engage your audience in a new way by letting them actively listen to your songs or remix them.

Activate your audience

Add a custom cloud DAW showcasing multiple tracks of audio to any website or blog by simply adding a snippet of code. Just like the example above.

How to generate embed code

  1. 1
    Open Soundation and create or open an existing project

Create a project

Future bass.png
Future bass

Future bass

  1. 2
    Use all the available tools to record and edit audio and midi, drag and drop audio from your computer and apply effects
  2. 3
    Click Share in the top right corner
  1. 4
    Click Embed template
Activate embed template
  1. 5
    Toggle Enable template link
  2. 6
    Copy the code snippet and paste it on your website or blog

Advanced settings

Click the settings button in your upper right corner to further customize your embed code to fit your brand.

Advanced embed settings


Defines the text shown in the embedded window.

Custom thumbnail

Lets you use a custom image hosted on the web as your thumbnail.

Button color

Changes the color of the "Open studio" button.

Button text color

Changes the text color of the "Open studio" button.

Aspect ratio

Choose between flexible resizing, 16:9 or 1:1 format for your thumbnail.

Load first region in the beatmaker

If you have an instance of Beatmaker in your project, use this to display the first region on start.

Hide library

By default, the Soundation library is opened on start. Check this box to hide it.

Show profile image before title

Displays your Soundation profile image in front of the title.

Do you have a business?

With a little help from the Soundation team, you can also:

  • Add a custom product tour
  • Add a custom sample pack in the side library with description and button to open external page

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